Year Representatives

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Each year the MSA holds elections for a group of Representatives whose role is to aid the core committee in performing all of its functions. The key aspect of the role is student representation; reps will be expected to be active in engaging students to gather feedback for regular meetings with the Core Committee, Heads of Year and Staff-Student Liaison Committees. Alongside this the Reps will disseminate information to students about the MSA’s activities, including events, projects, and the changes we have been able to enact.


The 2017-2018 MSA Representatives Team:

Disabled Students’ Rep –

GPEP/Mature Students’ Rep –

International Students’ Rep –

Equality and Diversity Rep –

Stage 1 MA Rep –
Stage1 MB Rep –
Stage 1 MC Rep –

Phase 2 MD Rep –
Phase 2 ME Rep –
Phase 2 MF Rep –

Phase 3 GSTT Cluster Rep –
Phase 3 KCH Cluster Rep –
Phase 3 Lewisham Cluster Rep –

Stage 3 Year 4 GSTT Cluster Rep –
Stage 3 Year 4 KCH Cluster Rep –
Stage 3 Year 4 Lewisham Cluster Rep –

Phase 5 GSTT Cluster Rep –
Phase 5 KCH Cluster Rep –
Phase 5 Lewisham Cluster Rep –

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