Sports Forum 30/09/14


IN ATTENDANCE: Juli McCulloch (JM) – MSA Sports and Societies Officer,Matt Sharpe (MS) – Men’s Football VC; Elena Fearn (EF) – Women’s Football 1st XI VC; Andrew Baigey (AB) – MSA Secretary; Laura Pettifar (LP) – Women’s Hockey Club Captain; Dan Curley (DC) – Men’s Hockey Club Captain; Teona Sera!mova (TS) – Women’s Rugby Club Captain; Olivia Ballard (OB) – Netball Secretary; Tom Crisp (TC) – Men’s Rugby Club Captain; Yeewen Khew (YK) – Women’s Football

1) Post Trials Belushi’s Evening
– no response from Guy’s Bar after Wednesday
– teams to return on Wednesday 31st
2) “KCL” and “GKT” eligibility criteria
– KCLSU have updated the school names on their criteria
– once a player has payed subs, they are ‘locked in’ to that club for the year.
– TC raised the issue of “GKT” players joining “KCL” teams – JM argued that it would be unfair to
restrict students from joining their university side. LP suggested that better awareness would help solve
this problem without imposing restrictions.
3) Fixtures
– teams now entered as “King’s College London (GKT)” rather than “(Medics)”. DC queried whether
we could just be entered as “GKT”, JM will ask about this.
– LP raised the issue that her Fixtures Sec was not given a BUCSScore login; JM to look int it.
– LP raised the issue that the women’s hockey 1st XI was relegated in LUSL because scores were not
entered by KCLSU; JM to look into it.
4) Facilities
– Griffin – rugby pitch removed, TS and TC concerned about their ability to book matches. JM to ask
Chris about this.
– HOP – DC made a complaint about the manager of HOP, is following it up. e main issue arises
from HOP’s unwillingness to give the club pitch time, DC wants Friday night training but this has not
been possible so far. – TC and TS are concerned about the lack of secure storage for their rugby equipment (ruck
shields). TC is also concerned about their Saturday training space being taken from them at HOP.
– DC suggested working out a policy with the grounds about where student clubs stand with
regard to booking space. JM to look into this.
– OB has already spoken to HOP about the angle of the netball court’s #oodlights.
5) Problem Reporting Form
– JM gave the attendees a ‘Problem Reporting Form’, which aims to catalogue individual small issues as
they arise, so that the issues can be brought up together by the MSA.
6) Charity Opportunities
– JM mentioned the number of charity opportunities being directed to GKT clubs, and is currently
giving captain details to charities that ask. Captains can opt out if they want.
– JM has suggested a charity staff v. students 5-a-side tournament, in aid of RAG. Attendees seemed
enthusiastic about the idea.
– JM mentioned the charity Inspire for Life, set up by a KCL student. He is aiming to get the clubs
involved in breaking world records for charity. Attendees seemed enthusiastic.
7) Macadam
– JM to speak to Liam Jackson about official team photos for the Macadam Cup, in December.
– JM brought up the potential clash of the Macadam Cup and the Ski Trip – JM to speak to both the
Ski Trip committee and Liam about the Macadam date.
– JM is keen to ensure a proper Macadam afterparty; asked the attendees if the y would be keen to have
this ticketed, and to have coaches to bring everyone there. Everybody agreed that this was a good idea.
– LP raised the issue that T-shirts last year were not saved for players; so that by the time they had
%nished playing, they had sold out. JM to chase this up.
8) Sponsorship applications
– All clubs attended the forum, so are all eligible for sponsorship. JM to con%rm deadline and
application procedure soon, and will distribute to clubs.
9) AOB
– LP brought up payment request forms, and wanted to check if they were all online now.
– TS asked where clubs were allowed to poster on Guy’s Campus – AB was able to clarify.
– TS asked if KCLSU were holding any more Treasurer training, – JM to follow up.
– DC queried about kclsu email lists, as he was not convinced that he, or any of the other attendees,
were on all of the relevant lists. JM to follow up.
– DC brought up the King’s Sport “Be Active” programme, which runs casual sports sessions and is
looking to engage more with clubs.
– DC brought up Varsity – they have been asked to book an external venue (the Olympic Park) but the
application process is such that they may not get the day that they requested, and will have to cancel the

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