Phase 3 Textbooks

1. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine


A useful concise reference on the wards and also for revision of core cases

2. Kumar and Clark’s Clinical Medicine

A useful reference book, however overly detailed

3Saunders’ Pocket Essentials of Clinical Medicine/ Anne Ballinger and Stephen Patchett

A useful summary for revision, a little to detailed for use on the wards

4. Macleod’s Clinical Examination Book

A useful supplement to patient examination revision, photos and explanations of common symptoms and signs

 5. Psychiatry PRN by Sarah Stringer

Very useful for summarising all you need to know for Psychiatry with useful case examples for OSCE revision



6. ECG Made Easy by J.Hampton ( )

A fantastic resource for getting to grips with the ECG, a short textbook that can be covered relatively quickly


7. Data Interpretation for medical students by I.Bickle


Very useful for consolidating interpretation of blood test results, X Rays and much more

 8. PasTest OSCE books (1-3)


Excellent vignettes and mark schemes which you can use to prepare for your OSCEs

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