Peer Support Team

Our Peer Support team are here for you, whenever you need them. If you’re worried about anything, or even if you just want a chat, they’re professionally trained and here to help. Contact them here or click their pictures below to find out more




Madura Nandakumar

Hi there, I’m Madura and I’m currently doing a Bsc in Imaging Sciences after 2 years of medicine. Over the past few years at GKT I have been involved in the photography society committee, the PAL scheme and paediatric society save a baby’s life programme.

Monica Boughdady

Hi, my name is Monica, I am a 4th year medical student. I love talking, writing, reading and travelling and I am passionate about global advocacy. Over the last year I have really enjoyed  been involved in Medsin and hope to work in international aid when I graduate.

Fahad Malik

Hi! I'm Fahad Malik and I'm currently a second year medic. Besides peer support I am also a writer and section editor for the GKT Gazette (pick up a copy anywhere on campus), work for KCLSU, am part of the PEEP program, and am a member of the Paediatric and surgical societies - hopefully going on to specialise in one of those fields.

Will Olde

Hi, I’m Will. I’m currently intercalating in Neuroscience after my second year on the MBBS course here at Kings. Over my time here I’ve taken part in the GKT choir and orchestra, as well as growing a variety of facial hair, with varying degrees of success! I came to GKT following a gap year, which I spent working as a chef before traveling round Japan.

Mariam Koronfel

Hi there! My name is Mariam and I am a second year medical student. During my time at KCL I have taken part in weird and wonderful things but my favourites would be Shine and Students for Syria.

Alekhia Nippani

Hey! I'm Alekhia and this is my 3rd year at King's. I'm in the middle of my intercalated BSc in Anatomy (which is so much more fun than it sounds) and I'm hoping to go on to do either surgery or psychiatry. Over my time at King's I've been part of Breakin' KCL, Fencing and the PAL scheme.

Jian Kiam

Hi there, I'm Jian Shen Kiam. I'm currently in phase 4. Over the past 4 years I have been involved in societies such as KCLMC, abacus and KCL Malaysia society. I have also tutored in the MSA PAL scheme for two years. I am an international student, so if you have any questions about student life and medicine. feel free to contact me.

Priyanka Iyer

Hey! I’m Priyanka Iyer and I’m a 2nd year medic. Over the past year I’ve been involved in and loved being a part of the Bedside Play scheme by the Paediatric Society, KCL Diwali Show and Saving Londoner’s Lives.

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