MSA Elections

The MSA Committee works hard towards its goal of ‘improving the experience of medical students at GKT’. All good things must come to an end, however, and we annually look for keen individuals to take up the mantle!

The Core Committee – elected in March.

The core committee are the principal team of the MSA. They work to improve the overall GKT student experience, from running Fresher’s Fortnight together to overseeing the social, welfare and academic support. Every position requires highly motivated, enthusiastic and positive students who are keen to work closely with the medical school faculty, KCLSU and other GKT societies. Please email if you have any questions about any of the roles or click here for more information.

The Subcommittees – elected in March.

We are linked to several thriving subcommittees, who each add to the student experience in unique and exciting ways! Every year, we elect the team leaders of 3 subcommittees: the Summer Ball Chair, the Halfway Ball Chair and the Final Year Committee Chair. These roles have distinct jobs and require skilled and motivated students.

The Representatives – elected at the start of the new academic year.

Every year, we elect a team of representatives to act as the bridge between the students and the MSA core committee and faculty. Their role is purely to make sure your voice is heard. Watch out for elections at the start of the year for these roles. For more information, or to find out who represents you, click here.

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