Final Year Cups


A special congratulations to the winners of this year’s Final Year Cups!

The Guy’s Cup (for sporting achievements)
Ayodele Akinyemi

The King’s Cup (for contribution to the King’s community)
Alexander Underwood

The George Leach (St. Thomas’) Cup (for contribution to the medical school community)

Juliet Laycock


Below you can find the criteria for awarding each of the final year cups.

George Leach Cup (St. Thomas’ Cup):
“Donated by Mr. George Leach, the Beadle of St.Thomas’ some years ago. The Cup goes to the person who has contributed most to medical school life, (excluding sporting achievements) and who has gone beyond their call of duty to the students. Think hard of one person, without whom the medical school just wouldn’t have been the same for you.”

Guy’s Cup:
“This award is given to a final year student who has contributed the most to the Guy’s, King’s and St. Thomas’ sporting community during their time as a medical student. It can be for high sporting achievement, contribution to their own sports team or for contributing to improving the overall sporting excellence and experience of the teams representing the health schools.”
King’s Cup:
“This award will be given to a final year medical student who has contributed the most to the general community at King’s College London during their time as a medical student. This award is meant for someone who has worked to improve the overall community of the schools by dealing with the college, KCLSU and other bodies such as BMA, SMEC/MSA, MedGroup etc. This award is different from The George Leach cup as it is for someone who has been involved with the whole college and not limited to the medical school only. It is awarded to someone who has contributed continuously over the 5/6 years affecting the whole college or being involved in a specialised field such as volunteering, student representation etc.”

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