OxFizz Interview Volunteering

OxFizz provides commercial educational services for young people to develop skills and reach their potential.Our volunteers are graduates of Oxford and Cambridge, or medical students. They give up their time to share their expertise with sixth form students in the depths of the application process, and in exchange, the money they raise is donated to a charity of their choice. Since 2007 we have donated over £600,000 to charity! 
One of the key educational services we provide are practice Multiple Mini interviews for those applying to medical school. This year we will be conducting 3x as many interviews as before, and as a result are looking to expand our volunteering base! Volunteering is super flexible and low commitment. Plus you will raise a huge amount of money for charity. This year, the charity donation by hourly rate was £63.83!
We are looking for medical students (3rd year and above) to volunteer their time and provide practice MMIs this autumn. Most of our interview days take place in London, Oxford and the surrounding area, and will be at weekends. OxFizz will cover travel expenses (up to £40).

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