Global Health Ambassador Opportunities

Organised by Selfless in partnership with THET, and funded by the
Department for International Development, the One Day Global Health
Leadership Summit will see 100 young Clinical Leaders be educated and
inspired to act on issues that lie at the intersection of Global Health, UK
health and International Development.
The theme for the Summit is Women’s Empowerment. The morning
programme will feature keynote speeches and a panel by leading names in
Global and Women’s Health. The afternoon session wills see the young
leaders attend workshops on FGM, Obstetric Fistula, Reproductive Health
and Mental Health.
As a condition of their attendance at the Summit, the attendees will deliver
two community-based workshops on issues relating to Women’s
Empowerment and Health. The workshops they attend at the Summit will
train the attendees to be able to confidently deliver medically accurate and
culturally sensitive presentations to their own communities, disseminating
knowledge and inspiring change through diaspora-led development.
This year’s conference will take place at St George’s Medical School in
London on the 26th September 2015. Attendees will be selected from a
nationally competitive application process. Confirmed as a keynote speaker
is Sir Eldryd Parry, and we are in discussions with many more. The
workshops will be delivered by trainees in the relevant fields. We feel that
this conference will be a excellent opportunity for these trainees to
demonstrate their expertise on a prestigious and impactful stage.

Selfless is a UK based social enterprise specialising in medical volunteering
programmes and the development of innovative healthcare technologies.
Through working with Tropical Health Education Trust, Department for
International Development, NHS England and the Mayor of London, along
with many others, Selfless has established partnerships with organisations
working at the highest levels of policy making in the UK.
Selfless’ projects are inspired by the philosophy that, given the right
opportunities, anybody can make a social impact. This theme runs through
its volunteering programmes, such as the Elective Aid programme in
Bangladesh, as well as its digital technology that seeks to facilitate
innovation and improvement within the healthcare sector.

Global Health Conference Poster

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