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MSA Core Committee Elections: Voting and Campaign Guidelines

Thank you for your involvement in the MSA core committee elections. Please make note of the following important information about the voting period and our campaigning guidelines for 2017/18 elections.

This is your chance to get involved with the MSA!

The 2016-2017 team campaigning to get others involved in the MSA

The Key Dates:

Nominations open at https://www.kclsu.org/studentreps/msa/

Wednesday 22nd Feb

Nominations close:

Wednesday 1st March

Candidates announced and campaigning starts:

Thursday 2nd March

Voting period:

Monday 6th March (10am) – Thursday 9th March (5pm)

Results (MSA AGM):

Friday 10th March (eve)

Candidates must not begin campaigning in any form until nominations have closed and the full list of candidates has been announced by the MSA.

Positions available

For full role descriptions click here

1)     Core Committee (role begins March 2017-March 2018)

–          President

–          Vice President

–          Treasurer

–          Secretary

–          Academic Director

–          Academic Events Officer

–          Peer Assisted Learning Officer

–          Social Director

–          Social Events Officer (2 roles)

–          Welfare Director

–          Welfare Events Officer

–          Publicity and IT Officer

–          Sponsorship Officer

–          Sports and Societies Officer


2)   Subcommittee (role begins August 2017 – August 2018)

–          Summer Ball Chair

–          Halfway Dinner Chair

–          Final Year Chair

Campaign Guidelines

Our guidelines are based on those developed by KCLSU for use in their Student Officer elections. It is important that we strive to maintain these guidelines to ensure that the MSA remains an exemplary student activity group within the student union and the college. If you have any questions about these guidelines and their implications, please do not hesitate to get in touch at msa@kcl.ac.uk. If any candidate or their campaign team is found to have acted outside of these guidelines, the MSA or KCLSU may take disciplinary action.

• ‘Campaigning’ includes but is not limited to online campaigning, postering/flyering, lecture shout outs, and face-to-face campaigning

• All campaigners (candidates and those campaigning on their behalf) are responsible for their own conduct during the election period

• Campaigning must not take place before nominations close and the MSA formally announces the full list of candidates

• Electronic devices belonging to (or on loan to) a candidate or their campaign team may not be used by any other student to vote: this means no ‘laptop campaigning’

• Candidates/campaign teams should not remain within close proximity to a student who is casting their vote, or attempt to influence/interfere with a student who is casting their vote

• No person may vote on behalf of another student

• Candidates must not produce publicity/campaign material that is in any way discriminatory (either in print, online, or verbally)

• Candidates must not use a loud-hailer or other amplifying equipment within college grounds

• Candidates must not use stickers, glue or tape on KCLSU or KCL property (posters can be put up with blu-tack in allocated areas such as the notice boards in the Spit)

• Candidates must not use negative campaigning tactics or defame other candidates

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