MSA Committee 2016/17


President – Azelle Egbe –

Vice President

Vice President – Adisha Kapila –

Social Events Director

Social Events Director – Danielle Tang –

Academic Director

Academic Director – Yaseen Mukadam –

Publicity and IT Officer

Publicity and IT Officer – Grace Spence Green –

Welfare Director

Welfare Director – Afra Jiwa –


Secretary – Harry Spencer –

Academic Officer

Academic Officer – Jean Luc Duval –

Peer Assisted Learning Officer

Peer Assisted Learning Officer – Mubasher Qamar –

Sports and Societies Officer

Sports and Societies Officer – Faheez Shafeek –

Social Event Officer

Social Event Officer – Anushka Srivinas –

Social Events Officer

Social Events Officer – Terouz Pasha –

Welfare Projects Officer

Welfare Projects Officer – Anna Rixon


Treasurer – Kriszti Szanto –

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