Alumni – Other Opportunities

Final Year PAL 

We are trying to develop a peer-assisted learning scheme between final year medical students and GKT graduates to improve the confidence of the new FY1s and give current junior doctors a chance to share and reinforce their knowledge and development. The plan is for this to take place in the new ‘Transition to Foundation’ placement in the spring/summer term, when final years have got both their results and prospective deaneries. This will be open to all alumni that are interested (both in London deaneries and across the country), so please get in touch if it sounds like something you would like to be involved in!


Caring for Refugees

Kitrinos Healthcare are a team providing medical services to over 60,000 refugees in camps in Greece. They are currently short of prescribing doctors and nurses and are reaching out for help. They are particularly short between 30th October and 5th November 2017 but are recruiting for 2018 too. Accommodation can be provided. If this sounds like something you would be interested in please contact Stephanie and Siyana at or on their website,

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