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Hi, my name is Azelle Egbe and I am the President of the GKT Medical Students’ Association (MSA).

The MSA Committee s goal is simple – to improve the experience of all students studying medicine at GKT. We aim to do this by addressing their social, academic, and welfare needs.


Socially, we host a massive number of varied events throughout the year. These start with our very own GKT Freshers’ Fortnight in September; and culminate in the GKT Hospitals Summer Ball in the summer. We have a number of subcommittees which also help fill the gaps throughout the year:

  • GKT RAG (Raising and Giving) organise a number of fundraising events (each with an unforgettable after-party)
  • MSA Musical Theatre, who bring the glamour of Broadway to the stage of the Greenwood once a year
  • GKT Comedy Revue, whose annual Christmas Show truly is the jewel in GKT’s crown
  • Final Year Committee, who organise the Graduation Ball, Yearbook and a Mock OSCE for 4th years

Our Academic Events put on a series of lectures, workshops, and talks covering everything from ‘What I Wish I Knew in First Year’ to ‘The Future of the NHS‘. They also organise a school-wide Peer Assisted Learning scheme, which pairs small groups of students up with older years who can provide them with extra teaching each week.  We elect a number of representatives from each year group who feedback any issues there may be to us. We take these back to the School and try to get them fixed.

Welfare is a particularly important focus of ours – many medical students are so dedicated to the health of others that they neglect their own. Our Mums and Dads group will supply you with ‘parents’ from second year when you arrive, who will be there to answer any questions you might have about GKT! We also have a number of trained students who together form the Peer Support scheme – if you have any problems that you want to discuss in a safe and confidential environment, they’re at the other end of an email.

The best piece of advice I could give anybody starting at medical school is GET INVOLVED! The GKT sports clubs give you the opportunity to play at the highest level, but also welcome complete beginners. The GKT societies cover most medical specialties and charitable fields, and the Student Union covers everything else.

You can keep up to date with what we’re up to via Facebook or Twitter, as well as on our website. Any other queries can be directed to me via email.

Best of luck with everything and I hope you find GKT to be as friendly and welcoming as I have!

Azelle Egbe
GKT MSA President 2016-17


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